School Policies​

Loyola International School

Loyola International School aims at building love for learning, respects for others, develop a sense of responsibility and self- discipline followed by academic success of every student. Simultaneously safety of all the stake holders of LIS is important


  • All the stake holders must have a positive attitude towards each other and towards all the polices.
  • Actions will be immediately initiated if student’s safety is at stake.
  • School has the right to suspend any student, who is found misbehaving to extreme level.
  • School holds the right to revise the policy at any time.
  • The school has the right of expulsion of a student with consultation and according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar.

Discipline Policy

General Guidelines

  • Be punctual to the class
  • Come to school in full school uniform.
  • Boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals. Girls should plait their hair if it is below the shoulders- Short hair should be neatly cut and pinned.
  • Students should not wear fancy accessories to school. Girls should not wear bangles, long earning or apply nail paint.
  • Do not wear gold or any other valuable ornaments. School shall not shoulder the responsibility of the loss of such items.
  • Students should cut their nails weekly. Hygiene should be taken at top priority.
  • Work quietly during class and follow teacher’s instructions
  • Listen to teachers attentively.
  • Submit homework and assignments on time
  • Do not harm the school property.
  • Use of out pass is mandatory for moving out of the class for any reasons
  • Keep the school premises clean.
  • Be quite and avoid running, screaming or pushing fellow students in corridors and on the stairs.
  • Do not use abusive language.
  • Throw rubbish in assigned bins.
  • Electronic device any other gadgets is not permitted on the school premises and on the bus.
  • Do not insult another student verbally or physically.
  • Take part in school extracurricular activities and competitions.
  • Use English language at all times apart from the second and third language classes.
  • Follow school bus rules during daily journeys and trips
  • Comply with discipline rules and expectation

Attendance Policy                                   

At Loyola International school we consider attendance to be a crucial factor in ensuring full potential growth of our students. It is very important for students to spend time with their teachers in their classroom setting in order to have ability to learn new information and also benefits from other classmates. We highly encourage parents to have their children attend daily from start of year till end.

Our Policies are as followed:

Loyola International School’s attendance is obligatory.

The classes resume daily from 7.00 am to 1.30 pm.

The school gate will open at 6.45 am and close at 7: 10 am. Students coming after 7:10 am will marked as late comers. After three warnings for late coming the students will be sent home after communicating with the parent.

Attendance will be marked daily at 7.30 am.

Students will be marked Absent(A) when they come after 7.30.

  • In case of absence, the parent will receive a notification from school.
  • We encourage parents to contact school regarding student’s absence.
  • Parents shall provide a sick leave application as proof in case the child is sick.

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, attendance will be counted for Online learning as well as On-Campus learning. 

  • Maximum of 12 days absenteeism per academic year is permitted
  • More than 2 days of continuous leave requires prior information & approval from the Principal
  • Medical absenteeism requires to be supported with a Medical Certificate

Healthy Food Policy

Parents should ensure that the child’s lunch box contains fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy meals. Make your child understand the importance of eating healthy food. School also inculcate the value of eating healthy food in the students.

Chocolate, sweets, biscuits, chips, fizzy drinks are not permitted in the school.

Birthday Parties such as cake cutting or distributing of food items or sweets to fellow students is not allowed. However, the child can wear a coloured dress.

Fee Policy

The fee once paid is not refunded.

  • Fee must be paid in full at the beginning of each school term.
  • Fees for the term can be deposited on any day of the particular term (During the Office Hours) within the stipulated date except on Fridays and other holidays.
  • In case of delay in payment of fees – school shall send two reminders to the parents mentioning the last date of payment of fees.
  • Late Payment fee will be levied after the last date mentioned in the first reminders. 
  • Tuition fee for a particular term has to be paid even if the child remains absent for that term.
  • Any withdrawal notices from Parents are required to be sent by the following dates:
    • Term 1: March 31st
    • Term 2: August 31st
      • Any TC / Transfer requests sent beyond this date would incur the respective Term Fees in full to be able to obtain the documents required to shift to any other school.
    • Note: Any unforeseen /emergency events requiring the cancellation of admission of a child can be discussed with the school administration department to obtain the necessary transfer documents
    • Last date of collection of fees are as follows:
Term Last Date
1st Term (April to June)
: Before 15th May
2nd Term (September to December)
: Before 15th Sept
3rd Term (January to March)
: Before 15th January

Transport Policy

  • Parents who are opting for school transportation have to submit a filled transport form at the school office.
  • The transportation service will be confirmed only upon the verification of the location by the respective area bus driver and is subject to availability of a vacant seat in the respective bus.
  • Submission of transportation form doesn’t confirm the service. A minimum of 3-5 working days will be required to confirm the transportation services upon submission of filled transport form.
  • The decision of pick up time and drop time will remain with the School.
  • Students should be present at the designated bus stop before time. The bus will not wait at your stop for more than 60 seconds STRICTLY.
  • If a student is not attending school on any day, the parent should inform the bus driver in advance.
  •  Students should not create any disturbance on the bus that may distract the driver’s attention.
  • All students must be in their seats while the bus is moving.
  • It is mandatory to fix the seat belts.
  • All the rules of conduct that apply on school property also apply on the bus.
  • If the student is found violating the bus rules and regulations even after three warnings, the school reserves the right to cancel the service without notice.