About Us

Loyola International School


LISD aims to provide holistic education with comprehensive facilities to develop the child’s overall personality. Our lush green school campus gives our children a natural environment for learning. It promotes physical activities and has a positive impact on the child’s attention level.
Communication between the school and parents is “the key” to a good relationship, as parents are regarded as co-educators and plenty of opportunities are created for the home and school to work in tandem. Our school gives the parents this unique experience through our Campus Management System.

Our classrooms are spacious and designed to be equipped with audio-visual aids. A well-designed computer laboratory where each student has an individual machine available. An integrated Science Laboratory caters the needs of students. The Library is well stocked with more than 3000 references, fictional and non-fictional books.
Sports form an important part of the daily routine in the School. A large multi-purpose open air auditorium is available to host various cultural programs and it also substitutes as Tennis, Badminton and Basketball courts. Indoor activity rooms have been allocated for pursuing co-curricular activities.
Keeping in mind the safety of our students, our campuses are embedded with CC TV surveillance and fire alarms. Frequent safety drills are carried out for training and monitoring purposes. A full time and well-equipped nurse room is available on the campus to provide first aid medical facility to our children.
Transport facility is provided by the school and each bus is supervised by a bus attender while traveling.


To establish a high-performing institution which is committed to providing quality education and developing a love of learning in its students.


At Loyola International School, we aim to educate and support each child in their lifelong journey of learning and shaping them to be global citizens while attaining success through achievement, innovation, and accountability.


Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunity and pave the way for future success, both in higher education and professionally.

Our objectives driven international education is expressed through core values which are woven into every academic and extra-curricular activity at LIS.

Social Development
  • Promote friendly co-existence among the diverse cultures of Loyola International School and Qatar as a nation
Human Development
  • Enhance creativity and innovation while having fun at learning
  • Develop the required physical, social, emotional attributes in the secondary stage of school
Economic Development
  • Acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the development of the individual and society
  • Build a firm foundation for graduate and career advancement stages of the child’s life
Environment Development
  • Promote positive environmental and health practices
  • Inculcate curiosity within students on how to be catalysts in areas of conservation and aspects of nature through providing opportunities of field visits and international events