Our Teachers

Loyola International School

Seema Sharma-

I’m Seema Sharma, I’m holding Master’s degree in M.Sc. in Mathematics, B.Ed. I am passionate about education, highly structured, good environment creator. I have four years of experience in teaching. Loyola International School has given me an opportunity where I can utilize my skills and qualities to bring out the finest and foremost desired result in students as a teacher. I enjoy the responsibilities of teaching students academically and helping them to thrive socially. I am always willing to join and participate in school improvement projects to build a better environment for students and staff alike.

Shikha Panday 

I’m Shikha Panday, Holding degree in M Sc.in Zoology and B.Ed. I have total teaching experience of six years. I plan and make my lessons interesting. I’m passionate about teaching, committed and self-motivated science educator and always dedicated in creating stimulating and innovative learning environments. I’m a hardworking teacher who believes in establishing strong bonding with the students for better education. I emphasize that co-curricular activities enhance the interest of the students for gaining proper knowledge of the subject.

Snigdha Babith

I’m Snigdha Babith, I’m holding Bachelor and Master Degree in Mathematics.

I have three years of teaching experience in India and Qatar. My strengths are self-confident, positive and classroom management skills. I help my students to get the best grade possible by recognizing their strengths and their level of understanding. I plan the lessons accordingly and make sure all students equally participate in classroom. I work towards keeping them engaged while delivering the concept of the subject. I am delighted to be a part of Loyola which always brings out the best in teachers.

Sonia Sharma

I’m Sonia Sharma, an organized social science professional with proven nine years of teaching, guidance and counselling skills. Possess a strong track record in improving test scores and teaching effectively. Ability to be a team player and resolve student’s difficulties professionally and create positive working environment. Skilled at developing curriculum at primary and middle level. Multi-linguistic skills and good command in English. Work proficiency at IT skills. Possessing strong organized skills as house warden and successful implementation of school programs. I believe in effective classroom management practices – teaching through activities and digital technology.

Sruthi Abhishek

I’m Sruthi Abhishek, born and raised in India. I am a professional dancer because it lives in me and it gave me a voice when I felt I had none. I’ve been fortunate as a dancer and dance tutor to have been performing in various stages both in India and Qatar. I also play a role of choreography for teams at events as well. My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it. I take both success and failure in a balanced approach. I believe in myself and my hard work.

Subapriya Shenbagakumar

I’m Subapriya Shenbagakumar, holding Masters in Physics and a trained professional. A self – motivated, dynamic, dedicated teacher having a strong record of seven years of experience in different curriculums like CBSE, NIOS, Singapore, Kerala and TamilNadu State Boards. Handled primary up to higher Secondary with 100 percent (pass) results. Done various workshops and training in the educational field. Uses effective and efficient methods of teaching with a solid commitment to the academic growth and development of every child. A teacher who has established positive relationships with fellow professionals and parents. Strives to mould children as ethical individuals with growth mindset.

Susan A Christy

I’m Susan Christy, teaching with a purpose and nurturing children to the fullest is my motto. Having four years of teaching experience. I immediately analyse the aptitude and ability of grasping among my students and renders utmost care to them in a full-fledged manner. I believe in encouraging every single child in order to boost morale and self-esteem in them. I’m passionate about research and had submitted research paper for the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ’21st Century English Classroom: Perspective and Challenges’ on the topic “An overview of English language teaching: Indian Classroom Challenges still remain?”

Sweeti Saroha

I’m Sweeti Saroha. I’m holding a degree in M.A (English Literature), M.Ed. I am dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a strong commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student. I love to write poems, quotes and couplets in free time. I am an active toastmaster. I firmly believe in discipline and understanding new technology. I encourage all the children to believe in themselves and intend to give every student a lesson to never lose hope because, wounded feet have strength to cross all the obstacles on the road.

Vanitha Sujithkiumar Nair

I’m Vinitha Nair born and raised in Mumbai. Holding BA, B.Ed. from Mumbai University with First Class. My B.Ed. methods are English and History. I take both success and failure in a balanced manner. I believe in myself and my hard work and I strive for perfection. Leveraging my eight years of experience, I contribute enormously in helping students meet their curriculum goals and provide them with a wider view of perception of this form art. My principle is “I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement.”

Anitha Ramanan

I’m Anitha Ramanan, an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with experience of twenty years with English proficiency. Having a positive approach to learning and education, strict disciplinary quality. Having infectious smile hidden under meticulous work frame with positive grinding aptitude. Have contributed in planning and delivering high quality teaching learning methodology to students. My Motto in life is “Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.”

Amrin Thakur

I’m Amrin Thakur. I encourage active learning and collaboration in the classroom, developing a consistent and catalytic improvement, thereby helping students to become productive and successful citizens. I believe that to succeed in life and to achieve results, one must understand the three mighty forces- desire, belief and expectation. As an educator, my efforts are to give wings to the divine fire of curiosity among children and fill their minds with the glow of its goodness. I believe that ‘Life is no brief candle but a splendid torch which can be made to burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations.’’

Asha Raj Kumar

I’m Asha Raj Kumar, having five years of experience in teaching, currently working as a Kindergarten Teacher. I have completed Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from Delhi University and holding diploma in early childhood care and education (ECCE). I have always been passionate about a career that involves molding young and inquisitive minds for the future. At Loyola, I take pride in my role by shaping young minds as a Kindergarten Teacher. I believe that all students are capable of academic and personal success when taught by the best teacher.

Anju Karthik

I’m Anju Karthik, graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m a teacher but I believe am not just a teacher, what I’m doing is not pursuing a career, for me it’s a special duty that I knew I possessed from a very young age. This profession requires dedication, involves devotion and loving commitment. My educational philosophy is to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting. My goal is to go far beyond teaching. I want to inspire my students to learn more about themselves and the world around them. I’m proud to say, “I am a Teacher”.

Mary Shiny Stalin Jose

I’m Mary Shiny Stalin Jose, MSc., MPhil., B.Ed. I describe myself as confident, honest and straightforward teacher at Loyola International school in Qatar. My experience has been in teaching for several years. My strengths are being well-organized, planned, friendly and being updated with the new technology. Welcoming with the students and motivating them. I give equal importance to the all students and encourage them to be involved in classes. When they recognize that they must be punctual, disciplined and organized, they are interested in doing their schoolwork and we can get the best performance from their part.

Dimple Sibin

I’m Dimple Sibin, I believe education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. I am a friendly and sincere teacher who can get down on the same level as students and help them to understand and learn. Likewise, being passionate and an enthusiastic learner to explore me among the children to bring up their internal skills and lingual skill. Personally, I am a good listener and has a passion towards working among the children and finding solutions to their challenges.

Hadifa Parakhuzi

I’m Hadifa Parakuzhi. My educational qualifications are B.Sc. and B.Ed. in Physical Science. I am an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who enjoy communicating and sharing knowledge with a proven record of improving children’s progress through positive learning experiences. I have five years of experience in teaching in Qatar. In the past three years, I have achieved a variety of teaching techniques and I am confident that I can handle the classroom teaching appropriately for all my all existing and future students.

Dominica Nancy Joseph

I’m Dominica Nancy Joseph, I’m dynamic and articulate, imparting knowledge is my passion. I have a keen eye for detail in assessing student’s learning ability. As an educator, I devote my whole being to teach and develop the children entrusted to my care. I understand that every child is different from the other and needs individual attention. I consider myself an ideal teacher who knows where the students lack and what their requirements are. I believe I have the potential and charisma that can make a difference.

Kanwalnaaz Shekh

I’m Kanwalnaaz Shekh, I became part of Loyola International School in the year September 2019. Here I got an opportunity to explore my teaching skills in other subjects as well. I always feel like education gives one the knowledge and skills to work with excellence. It helps in one’s all-round physical, mental and intellectual growth and development. It is important that children are educated so they can live productive lives and help in the progress of the society and nation.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela.

Jeseena Farnandez
I’m Jeseena Fernandez, an enthusiastic teacher having four years of experience in India and Qatar. I’m holding a master’s degree in mathematics. I create lesson plans to instruct their students in general or specialized subjects within mathematics. As maths is part of the core curriculum in KG-12 public schools, I keep up with changes in state guidelines and objectives for math learning to help students meet the established criteria. I lead multiple classes throughout the day, with students learning different subjects at ability levels from beginner to advanced placement.

Meenakshi Pandita
I’m Meenakshi Pandita. Kindergarten teacher with PPT training (OTHM, UK). I am passionate, energetic, hardworking, punctual and patient. I always promote child’s social-emotional, cognitive and self-expressive learning so that they approach the next level with confidence. I am a confident person and my strengths are, discipline, friendly with students, a good environment creator and motivator. Always listens to the students and can build caring relationship with them. I am a teacher and I am proud of it (as teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart and shapes the future).

Lakshmi Rajesh

I’m Lakshmi Rajesh, working at Loyola International School since 2019 as a computer faculty. I started my career as a lecturer in Engineering college and continued it for few years in India. To describe myself in brief, I’m an enthusiastic, confident and encouraging person. I always believe in activity-based learning where the concepts are clear and apparent in student’s mind.

Mohammed Hashim

I’m Mohammed Hashim, holding bachelor’s degree in physical education. I am an athlete and a professional football player participated many major tournaments in both Qatar and India. I came into the Physical Education field because I’m passionate about sports and I want to implement this passion in my students. I chose physical Education because the regular physical activity can help adolescents improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight and reduce depression and anxiety. Physical education programs can involve students’ activities that challenge the mind of students.

Minaaz Aarif Dange

I’m Minaaz Aarif Dange, I hail from Mumbai, the city of dreams. I am enthusiastic and passionate teacher who enjoys sharing knowledge and helping tiny tots to progress with positive and fun learning activities. Currently I am employed as a kindergarten teacher in Loyola International School. Fortunate to be a part of this institute for providing spacious and safe infrastructure that plays a budding hand in creating a favourable environment for a child’s growth.

Mujahada Khanam

I’m Mujahada Khanam. I am responsible, reliable and punctual. I give my students prospects for classroom behaviour. I like to encourage my students when they show honesty and dedication. I remember to praise good behaviour and character traits when I see them in my students. I take extra time to make sure I am using curriculum to teach my students to make advantage and follow up for logical sequence of lessons. I take initiative to get the things done.

Mohini Sahu

I’m Mohini Sahu, I can describe myself as friendly, honest, enthusiastic and respectful in nature. My Motto is “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and establish a love of learning.” I’m a positive and confident teacher who believe in my students, my experience has been in teaching for numerous subjects for many years. My strengths are, disciplined, prepared, friendly with innovative technology, responsive and welcoming with students, a good environment creator and motivator.

Nidhi Kaul

I’m Nidhi Kaul, holding a bachelor’s degree and diploma in early childhood development and NPTT (Nursery Primary Teacher Training). A passionate and energetic kindergarten teacher with hands-on experience of eleven years. I believe that teaching is a very rewarding profession. it’s amazing to know that my teaching is the foundation for their entire educational experience as kindergarten is the most crucial stage in the child`s academic development. I develop and implement fun activities that improve students learning and social skills, as well as confidence and accommodating individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons to learn and grow.

Nisha Senthil Kumar

I’m Nisha Senthil Kumar, I have thirteen years of experience in teaching which includes eight years in Qatar and five years in India. Holding degree in B.Sc. B.Ed. Mathematics. At Loyola, I’m immensely involved and committed to participation in extracurricular activities, preparation and organizing students for dramatic arts for Annual Day and school events. A quick learner who easily gets along with the school organization.

Prerna Pal

I’m Prerna Pal. have my graduation in Computer Applications with distinction, my major subjects were Computer and Mathematics. I have two years of teaching experience. I joined Loyola International School in April 2019 as a primary teacher. I believe in building relationship with the students, teaching with compassion, dedication and enthusiasm. My mission is to create a caring and empathetic group of pupils that develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. I believe strongly in optimism and confidence. In my view there is no such thing as failure, only successes yet to be achieved.

Priyanka Garyali

I’m Priyanka Garyali, I feel teachers possess enormous impacts on the lives of the students they have taught. As a teacher, being able to shape the lives of the future generation, I desire to be a teacher that provides my students with an enjoyable education experience. I emphasise the importance of what they are going to learn so that they can value the knowledge. I want to be a teacher that my students can relate to in every aspects of their life and a teacher who manages to shape the mentality of students into a better one.

Rachana Nerpagar

I’m Rachana Nerpagar, an enthusiastic computer science teacher who is technically certified in several technologies. I have been working with Loyola International School from August 2019. I have taught different age groups and grade levels, including the early years and industrial trainees. I adept at developing interactive lesson, plan for maintaining a safe and clean lab, and helping students with specialized projects. I specialize in getting students to understand the practical side of computers. I’m always encouraging students to participate in reading and writing in order to develop their learning and understanding.

Rincy Panolan

I’m Rincy Panolan, I believe education is the key for the evolution of the society and teaching is a profession where a continuous learning and sharing of knowledge arise. I am a dynamic, dedicated, enthusiastic teacher who is committed to providing a well-balanced, supporting and engaging learning environment for all the students demonstrated through five years. Personally, I am a good communicator with a strong classroom management skills and background knowledge that make me a strong educational leader.

Ritu Bhatnagar

I’m Ritu Bhatnagar, a senior secondary teacher with a focus on giving extremely motivating teaching techniques. Postgraduate with a proficiency in Social Science and child psychology with sixteen years of teaching experience in Indian and British Curriculum schools in Qatar and India. I believe in delivering the engaging and informative lessons and encouraging students with activities involving out of the box thinking skills. Enthusiastic in integrating technology in the classroom. Experienced in creating a vibrant Newsletter a school designer and editor. A well-focused student counsellor at senior school level.

Sathyapriya Ravindar

I’m Sathyapriya Ravindar, Holding M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed. in Chemistry and MA in English literature. I’m having six years of teaching experience. Basically, I am a good listener and gives my best for development of my students and always strive for excellence. I plan my subject and lessons according and work hard to achieve my objectives in time. I easily embrace different kinds of environments.

My strengths are, I’m optimistic, self-motivated, possess positive attitude in every situation and my fondness for children.